The 2023 Fall Foliage Map Is Here

Adulthood is hilarious. Fall in your youth undoubtedly meant eating lots of candy corn and wearing an itchy polyester costume around the neighborhood. 

You suddenly find yourself using binoculars to identify peak season foliage and commenting "My, what a marvelous maple." It happens to the best of us,

so our friends at the Smoky Mountains National Park have made it easier than ever to appreciate this season's grandeur with our peak fall foliage map. 

“In 2013, potential visitors to the region began asking about when the leaves would be most brilliant,” says site founder Dave Angotti. 

How did that side project start? David is a statistical analyst and airline transport pilot. He was well-versed in meteorological tools. 

The 2023 fall leaf map relies on weather sources, forecasting tools, and the brand's prior data, plus real-time user leaf reporting. "These reports have helped 

us identify both strengths and weaknesses in the previous model and we were able to refine it using the end-user data on top of our usual data points," he says.

Check out the site for a week-by-week breakdown and a refresher on chlorophyll and anthocyanin, or scroll below for a summary.

Tennessee will peak from October 23rd to 27th, with lower heights in mid-November. Insider Tip: Public Relations Manager Brittney Mendez enjoys

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