10 Tech Gadgets That Seem Useful But Are A Waste of Money

Bluetooth-Enabled Toaster: While it may seem convenient to control your toaster with your smartphone, the added cost of Bluetooth connectivity may not justify the minimal convenience it provides.

Smart Water Bottle: While some smart water bottles can track your hydration levels and remind you to drink water, the basic function of staying hydrated can be achieved without the need for an expensive gadget.

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad: While wireless charging technology is convenient for smartphones, a wireless charging mouse pad may not offer significant benefits over traditional mouse pads, especially considering the added cost.

Smart Umbrella: A smart umbrella may track the weather or send alerts to your smartphone, but its usefulness may be limited compared to a traditional umbrella, making it an unnecessary expense.

Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote: While selfie sticks can help you capture better selfies, adding Bluetooth connectivity and a remote control may not significantly improve the user experience, making it an unnecessary upgrade.

Smart Refrigerator: While smart refrigerators may offer features such as touchscreen displays and Wi-Fi connectivity, their high cost and limited functionality compared to traditional refrigerators may not justify the investment.

Fitness Tracker Ring: While fitness trackers can help you monitor your activity levels and health metrics, a fitness tracker ring may offer limited functionality and may not provide accurate data compared to wrist-worn devices.

Smart Hairbrush: While a smart hairbrush may analyze your hair health and offer personalized recommendations, its high cost and limited usefulness compared to traditional hairbrushes may not justify the expense.

Smart Toothbrush: While a smart toothbrush may track your brushing habits and offer feedback on your oral hygiene, the basic function of brushing your teeth can be achieved with a traditional toothbrush at a fraction of the cost.

Smart Light Bulbs with Voice Control: While smart light bulbs offer convenience and energy savings, adding voice control features may not significantly enhance their usefulness compared to traditional light bulbs controlled by switches.


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